I stumbled over the event just two weeks ago. The TEDx Munich 2015 which had the title “Hidden Treasures”. Until now, I only have known TED talks from videos and I have seen extraordinarily great ones over the past years. Curious but knowing how much TED Events cost, I read that the independently organized Munich event was only 140EUR for the ticket. Not knowing a single speaker made me to purchase a ticket immediately.

You might be curious why I purchased the ticket as I didn’t know any speaker. Over the past years I’ve been do dozens of conferences and this year took a break (few exceptions) of conferences as I got annoyed by hearing the same things and stories all over again. Now having a different target group for TEDx and different speakers, all with the goal to inspire me, made the event attractive to me. And indeed, it has proven to be one of the best events since a long time. Funny enough, there is one conference I was reminded over and over again today. Marc Thiele’s beyondtellerrand events always cover a few very different topics that are not directly related to front end development. And I immediately thought of Marc’s event when I saw Martin Walker speaking about the challenge of AI or Cobus de Swardt talking about how we as a public can push towards more transparency to avoid corruption.

I loved the fact that the organizers have mixed talks and entertaining acts so well together. After a few talks followed a music act, for example a Syrian music teacher and pianist playing for hope, freedom, and peace. A good pause for the brain for every act, something I’d never have listened to on my own.

What did I take away from it?