I’d like to announce the immediate availability of The Evergreen List. It’s a hand-picked selection of resources from the weekly digests that are important for a longer time.

Why does The Evergreen List exist?

This additional list has been created so that people can find very important, all-time relevant content easier. You could also see this as the filter for the filtered weekly lists that only contains the most important links over time.

Does this list grow?

Yes, this list will grow over time as continuously very important articles will be referenced here. On the other hand, this list, as per definition, will grow very slow.

And from time to time it might happen that content from this list will be removed. This, for example, can happen if some content is not relevant anymore or better content for the same topic is available.

What else?

I have several more things on my list to improve the Web Development Reading List. First on my list now is to improve the search engine so that you can find old links better. But I also have already some ideas on how to make The Evergreen List better. It’ll just take some time.

Enjoy it!
— Anselm