I’m not perfect, and none of us is. But maybe this list will give you some inspiration and insight on what each of us can do to keep our planet cleaner, colder and at least aim to end poverty in the world.


My home and office is powered with renewable energy by Polarstern, a small independent social company that has committed itself to act as social business.

I try to avoid electronic waste. My (only) Android test device is the Fairphone 1 which still serves its purpose great as it’s an older, not so capable phone. For my main devices I think Apple is still a great choice when it comes to environmental and social responsibility as they at least care a little bit about it.


I use a social and ecological bank account at GLS Bank in Germany. I also own shares of the GLS cooperative to support their business and social engagement.


My personal projects are hosted on Uberspace, a small company that cares about their employees. Their servers are using green energy only. My DNS and domains are managed by OVH, an eco-friendly hosting partner.


I actively support the EFF, Wikipedia, CharityWater, and some more organizations that help creating the better, fairer society I want to live in.

Food, Coffee

I mostly buy local, organic food. Besides the ideological reasons the food usually tastes much better and is healthier than the cheap food from a discounter.

In 2017 I started farming and now grow most vegetables during summer on a small field—fully organic and in mixed cultivation. We also added a wood oven and cut our own trees to source firewood from a sustainable forest that we also cultivate.

Photo of hand-packaged espresso beans in my office

My Espresso usually is either from Van Dyck (»Ehrenfelder«) or Aroma Zapatista’s »Estrella Fusión«. Both are organic, fair-trade coffees with a great taste.


Travel-wise, I prefer riding my bike for inner city. For all other travels I prefer trains over planes and use my BahnCard 50 (Green/Eco) to get to my destination. But I’m living in a small village now and thus need a car for a couple of things.