These are a few of my more known clients I’ve worked with:


You can see where I have spoken or will speak at on this dedicated page.

I do organize a few events, here is a selection: Conference

Together with four other people I organize the after-work front-end development conference in 2014, 2015 and 2016. It has been sold out within less than eight weeks and features six great international speakers each time.

PUBKON Conference

The PUBKON conference is one of the most known and largest German publishing event, taking place yearly since 2012. The three day event features arount 15-20 speakers. It’s a selection of many high-level speakers and some lesser known new talents. There is a full day with three parallel in-depth workshops the day before the conference starts. I am one of three organizers but discontinued my work on it in 2015 to focus my effort on the front-end industry which I’m working in.

InDesign User Group Munich

I was co-host of the InDesign User Group Munich for five years. Events happen every two months and are free and public.

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