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    The Macbook Air is fine

    My 11-inch Macbook Air from 2014 is still very fine to occasionally edit and render videos with Adobe Premiere, After Effects and Audition. Quite good for a 2.5 years old 1500€ machine, I think.
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    Why my Twitter Profile is Public again

    I recently announced that my Twitter profile will be private from now on. Today I reverted this. It doesn’t help in the purpose of limiting harassment, instead it only limits your audience (by restricting who can see your tweets) but anyone can still tweet you. That’s not helpful.
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    New VW Bus Table

    Today I finished a long-due project for my camper van (VW T5). I built a table, useful to eat something or, as I’ve done today, work on it from inside the bus. And while there were some challenges, I really enjoyed working with wood again. It’s nice to do some manual labour in contrast to sitting in front of a Computer the whole day.
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    I love Firefox and Wayback Machine

    In Firefox enable Firefox TestPilot and choose "No More 404s". This extension provides an overlay whenever it thinks that the original requested content is missing (for example on a "Error 404" page) and links to the Wayback Machine’s archive.org page: