Hey! I’m Anselm
I help teams and companies become more effective and create beautiful and fast websites that humans will love.

I also sell vegetables with my CSA. As a gardener I grow natural, organic vegetables and teach people better soil farming practices in my workshops.

I spoke at conferences, gave workshops, wrote several articles and books, and founded the event platform Colloq.

Portrait of me

A mini-doc about me

Diese Filmdokumentation von Honeypot.io über mich zeigt Einblicke in meine Arbeit, meine Work-Life Balance und wie mir die Natur hilft, gute Webseiten zu erstellen:

This mini-documentary by Honeypot.io shows some insights into my work, work-life balance and how nature helps me building better websites:

Author of the WDRL Newsletter

I write a newsletter called WDRL where I write about the tech industry, our society, design, sustainable businesses and more.

With about 17k subscribers and great reputation it’s seen as one of the key newsletters in the web development industry.

Portrait of me

The Workingdraft Podcast

For several years, I was one of the hosts who record the Workingdraft podcast. It is one of the best known podcasts for the developer community in Germany and from time to time also features international guests.

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Founder of the Schaufel & Gabel Market Garden

I own a market garden since 2019 and provide vegetables to about 140 people in my region. We also prune fruit trees and give workshops to farmers and hobby gardeners.

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Co-founder of Colloq

I worked on my own startup Colloq for four years, an event management and listing platform that helps you focus on your main work: Organizing and planning your workshops, courses, conferences or meetup. We decided to sunset Colloq in 2021 as we couldn’t find a proper way to make enough revenue for an income from the project.

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Nightlybuild Conference

I was creator of the Nightlybuild conference, a nice evening conference all around frontend and UX engineering gathering 250 people. We’ve retired the event in 2018 after four successful events with well-known international speakers.

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PUBKON Conference

From 2011 – 2015 we hosted one of Germany’s industry leading publishing conferences, all around digital publishing, print and Adobe and other software. I was one of four co-hosts.

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I co-created the opendevicelab.com website, and built its frontend. As a team of three, we boosted the initiative, were shortlisted for the .net award 2015 and provided a map of open device labs to thousands of developers.

Portrait of me