Short Summary

Being a well-known front-end developer in the industry since over ten years, I helped companies around the world shape their products and development teams.

My work is trusted by many people all over the worls and I was nominated multiple times for awards.

I bring my knowledge and experience to other teams and projects. This has helped companies to build better products, to finish on time, and to improve agile work methods in their teams.

I pursue a life of responsibility and want to help shaping our society, other people’s lives and deeply care about the environment we live and work in. I helped companies, charities and non-governmental organisations with my knowledge to save money, reach more people and create better work environments.

Code isn’t everything for me. I grow food on my CSA and people who join can ask questions, get great local vegetables and visit the farm.

Portrait of me

Frontend expertise

As a freelancer, I usually am hired by companies who need additional people to reduce individual workload and finish their projects in time or by companies needing a specific expert in web performance optimisation, scaling CSS, or writing maintainable, accessible code.

I specialise in writing scalable CSS, maintainable code and performance optimisation and offer coding work, trainings or code audits for these topics.

I heavily invest time into open-source work, web standards, and in sharing my knowledge with other people to improve the state of the industry. I write technical articles for Smashing Magazine, and curate an industry-leading weekly newsletter for front-end developers called “Web Development Reading List”.

Modern project management

Combining my real-world experience with Scrum and Kanban on a large variety regarding team-size and project-types and my theoretical knowledge about Agile Methodologies has helped my clients to mode to a more efficient workflow and better team spirit. I’m a certified Scrum Master.

I’ve played the role as developer, as Scrum Master and Product Owner so far in teams and am happy to share my knowledge to help you succeed with agile management methods in your company.

I work remotely for clients and have established and improved remote working cultures in teams. While it’s a challenging path to go remote with a team, it can be an absolute success for employers and employees. I’m happy to share my knowledge on working remotely in teams.

Knowledge and some tools I use

  • Semantic HTML
  • Scalable and modular CSS
  • JavaScript / ES6
  • React, TypeScript
  • Git in Teams
  • Modern PHP (and frameworks like Laravel)
  • Modern Front-End Tooling (npm, gulp, stylelint, styled-components)
  • Agile Management (Scrum, Kanban)

CV / Hire me

I’m currently available for hire for small to mid-size projects and am happy to discuss how I can help you building a great project.