I love to make photos. And you can hire me for photo shootings or buy a license for an existing photograph. If you want a photo as art for your home or your office, please ask me about the details.

I offer professional landscape and outdoor photography as well as capturing the best and most important moments at weddings.

A bit of context

I learned the basics and a lot of details first from my father, later from various hobby and some professional photographers. When I started, I used an analogue Nikon F3 camera. Later I switched to my first middle format (6x6) camera — a Rolleiflex. A few years later, I got a nice deal and purchased my Hasselblad 500c/m camera which I still have and love. It still makes very unique and different photos than my current camera, a Nikon D500. For shootings I usually stick to the digital Nikon but if you’re interested in analogue pictures, we can arrange that.

I still don’t own a lot of equipment and have no studio. I’m best at my job when I can use the available light and don’t need to modify the scene artificially. If a shooting requires additional equipment, I have a partner rental to get nearly all professional stuff ever needed.

A small selection