I work for clients on small and large-scale web experiences and help teams and products to ship valuable increments.

My front-end engineering and project management expertise — Engineering Management, Scrum Mastership — is highly valued by my clients and many other people in the industry.

Portrait of me

I have worked with Anselm for years and highly recommend him.
— Hans Christian Reinl, VP Engineering Seven.One Entertainment Group


I have worked on many projects that have been under a NDA so I can’t share details about them. You can find some of the clients I worked for here, and you can find the principles behind how I work in my blog, or on the listed projects.

I work for:

The collaboration with you makes me feel very well. Thank you.
— Dr. Jens-Uwe Martens


In 2017, I founded Colloq with two colleagues to pursue my view on ethics, values, technical best-practices and organizing modern work. Colloq is an event platform that lets you explore the valuable content from conferences, meetups and more.

Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to make if profitable quickly enough so Colloq shut down on March, 31st 2021.


For over five years I participated as one of five hosts in the German Workingdraft podcasts and recorded dozends of episodes about front-end work including a lot of guest experts before I resigned in 2018 to focus on other projects.


See a couple of projects I worked on

  • I helped Testo initially with building up a new cloud platform for their customers to manage devices and accounts. Then, I switched to level up the team’s effectiveness as a Scrum Master.
  • Colloq, an event organisation platform startup. Developed from scratch in a team of three over four years.
  • The Greenpeace International website where I helped organise the workflow and project and CMS setup as well as the frontend base components and templates.
  • The Vaillant web where I helped build a website ecosystem as one of the frontend team leads that works for global rollouts, local spin-off websites as well as building a huge frontend component system.
  • BLÄK where I worked on the frontend in a team of two together with an agency.
  • At Laterpay I was lead frontend and performance engineer for three years, followed by two years as Engineering Manager.
  • SAP Datacenter (offline)
  • ADAC Camping (offline)

Here are some smaller projects that I did solo:


Since a couple of year already I’m authoring the WDRL, a weekly newsletter for the frontend developer community that’s read by thousands of people and very well-known.

I also wrote a monthly summary for Smashing Magazine, one of the best known webdesign resources today and wrote several other articles for them already.


I regularly write articles for magazines like Smashing Magazine, net magazine, Screenguide, t3n, CSS-Tricks, and have co-authored two books so far.


I’ve spoken at several national and international web development conferences.

Event organisation

I have years of experience in organizing smaller and larger inclusive tech events.

NightlyBuild Conference

Together with four other people I organize an after-work front-end development conference called NightlyBuild from 2014 – 2018 once a year. It has been sold out each year and featured 6 international speakers.

PUBKON Conference

The PUBKON conference was one of the most known and largest German publishing events, and took place yearly between 2012 and 2015. The three day event featured 15-20 speakers—a well-crafted mixture of high-level speakers and new talents. It included a full day of in-depth workshops the day before the conference. I was one of three organizers and I discontinued our work on it in 2015 to focus my effort on the front-end industry which I’m working in.

InDesign User Group Munich Meetups

For five years I co-organized the InDesign User Group Munich meetups together in a team of three with about 6–7 events per year.

MODX User Group Munich Meetups

The MODX User Group Munich meetups (~4 per year) were organized by me for about two years before I handed over the group’s administration to a colleague.