Film: How Farming Saved Me From Developer Burnout with Anselm Hannemann

Last year, Ida from Honeypot came to my village twice and she made a film about my career choice and unusual paths of a developer turning into a gardener. It were great days and I’m happy I now have this piece to watch it again later in my life when I’m much older.

This mini-documentary follows Anselm as he mixes development with being in nature. This is probably our most relaxing doc Honeypot released yet, so grab a tea and get cosy!
— Ida Bechtle from Honeypot

I’m more than happy about this amazing film and it makes me proud to share all my thoughts and my work and life path with many people out there. Have a look:

At this point I want to say thank you to Max Stoiber for recommending me to Ida, I’d be more than happy to make you a coffee here.
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Here’s the link to the film again.

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