I’m leasing my jeans

I’m leasing my jeans. Yes, you heard right.

What sounds a little bit confusing at first, is pretty interesting though. For a long time I didn’t wear jeans as I hate go to a shop and try dozens of very expensive jeans that don’t fit very well or don’t look great. Then I stumbled over MUD Jeans and decided to try one, so I bought two models, two sizes online. I ended up sending back three, one less than expected. I had a new jeans that fit very well and looked great. The price was totally fine and comparable or even slightly below a Pepe or Levis.

Then end of last year I needed to replace it as it was worn out. So I went to their website and saw that they offer a Jeans leasing. I was laughing but then realised that this is a great concept. After 12 months you can decide what to do with your jeans: Send back and get it replaced for a new one or keep it. The cool thing is that this creates a recycling loop because they can directly use it for other products again. It’s also slightly cheaper to lease the jeans than buy it.

Now I look like Will Smith and for work trousers they’re the best I ever had and way nicer to wear than all the plastic ones like Engelbert-Strauss. And for non-work I have this lovely fabric that’s just amazing and so much butter than what we’re used to buy from fancy brand names.

And finally, at a lower price than those usual Jeans brands, these Jeans are 100% eco-certified, organic, circular economy, water-friendly, CO2 neutral. Pretty cool, heh?

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