<strong>Off Time Balance</strong>

I’m on vacation and today I worked for two hours. Yesterday for one. Before that, some minutes per day perhaps, mostly nothing. I plan to do nothing again over the next days but can’t promise. How about you — do you know the feeling of overwhelming work when you come back from vacation? Do you feel exhausted right after the first day back in office? That’s what is common to me and I want to avoid it.

I honestly have no clue if it’s a good thing to work or not. What I know is that I don’t want to do the things I did today in a week. In a week when there’s going to be a hell of a lot to do with the launch of Colloq, my event platform. I want it to be done by then it’s up to me. So I rather prefer to work a little during my vacation than to be exhausted right after.

I know people tend to say (me included) that vacation should be vacation. And usually I try my best to stick to this principle. It’s the reason why I normally don’t take a computer with me. This time, right before launching my own product it’s a bit different.

If you have tips how to deal with such situation, I’d be happy to hear them (Twitter, Email). If you have experience with similar situations, I’d love to hear it, too.


Note: This is a personal post about personal experiences. I don’t advise people to do the same but find it worth sharing. I believe it’s something a lot of people know as feeling but don’t know that others feel the same. Hence, I share it now.

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