New Website

My website got a redesign but more importantly, I restructured the content and refocused on those people who want to know who I am and what I do for work and in my life.

It’s hard to split between topics and target audiences

For most people reading this article I’m known as a web developer who codes the frontends for websites. But for some people I’m known as a CSA Gardener and they want to know more about this type of work. So how to combine this on one page?

I decided to address this on the homepage itself. The new homepage leads you to my most important projects directly and gives you a short summary of what I do.

I’ll continue working on the website over the next weeks but I think the biggest progress is made already.

Technical details

I realised a couple of things this year when working 80% on my farm: I don’t want to spend much time on useless Computer stuff anymore. That’s why my blog was silent for a long time. I had a hand-coded git deployment process in place which from a technical point of view is super cool and super safe (git versioned and backups as safety net). But while it’s cool, it had a couple of issues, mainly that I couldn’t edit or write posts directly on my website but only on my computer.

Now I use Kirby as CMS and simply rely on my hosters (Uberspace) backups (and do some regularly myself). Writing blog articles should be simple — now it is.

Frontend wise I use not much tooling but only modern CSS. I use CSS Grid for most things, some Flexbox stuff and cooler things like aspect-ratio.

My stylesheet isn’t compressed but gzipped and serves as 2.46kb file, the webfonts are the heaviest files (except for pages with images) with 203kb total.

The website currently uses no JavaScript — not that I don’t like JS but I simply don’t need it for my website.

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