From September 6th to October 2nd 2016, me and my girlfriend travelled through southern Norway to discover the landscape, national parks and to get some distance to the every day work routine. Equipped with a custom build VW T5 camping bus, we experienced a lot and had a great adventure.

Hiking along the southern coast of Norway is great. The uniqueness of a mixture of grass and rocks makes you feel like you’re in a lost land.

This is one of the biggest southern nautic lighthouses in Norway at night.

Walking along the beach, just a few hours away from the rocky mountainside you’re in a completely different landscape.

The Preikestolen is one of the most visited and known locations in Norway. It’s actually a 3-4 hours hike to get to it, and you better be early and off-season (this is mid-September on a Monday morning). But if you hike to the top of the mountain you’ll get rewarded with an even more amazing view on the Fjord and a great oversight over the mountainside of the area.

We didn’t plan to go to this point but as we visited a stave church, we decided to have a look at this mountainside recommended in our travel book. And it was well worth it—an almost unreal surface of lakes in the mountains and you drive through it for many kilometers.

Sometimes the small paths are the ones you should follow. By not driving the big road, we discovered one of the (personally) most beautiful places in Norway. We met sheeps, walked through moss covered fields, and enjoyed the landscape during lunch there.

The Langfoss is a big, although not the biggest waterfall in Norway and falls down over 600m. We were lucky to be there right at the time as the sun came over the mountain.

After an exhausting hike on a steep, challenging trail you arrive at the glacier tongue of the Folgefonna — the Buerbreen. An amazing view is the result of the effort and it was worth going there, although you should be free from giddiness (a good advice for a lot of Norway’s hiking routes).

The usual way to look at this waterfall is from high above on a hotel parking space, but if you know which trail to go and have two hours of time, you’re able to stand directly in front of this gigantic waterfall.

The best way to wake up is certainly in the mountains with great weather coming up. This shot has been taken on the way down from the mountains where we camped and enjoyed a great evening and morning. The view has been breath-taking and even this beautiful picture can’t describe what was going on there this morning.