Evolvement through Meditation

As a freelancer I find it incredibly hard to stay free of financial anxiety, not feeling stressed out, managing all the tasks around my own business while working for multiple clients and many projects in parallel.

Lately, I’ve been reminded about the powerful concept of meditation. I did it in the past already but very irregularly and forget quickly again.

Since eleven days I’m now meditating at least once each day. It takes not more than 10 minutes for a session to work on changing yourself. I’m feeling more chilled, more relaxed and gained a bit more stress-resistance already again. I tackle more and more problems and a variety of topics in my meditations and currently I think it’s a very efficient and nice way of boosting your mind and introducing change to your usual life. If simply feels great to spend 10 – 30 minutes each day for my own calmness and happiness. It equals the time of 2–3 YouTube videos or one episode of a TV series but feels way better spent.

I currently use Calm as a meditation app but also found Waking Up a helpful resource. I’m not as advanced to do unguided meditation and these resources help me getting started, get me into different techniques of thinking.

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