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    Your »do better« website project

    Chances are high we don’t know each other yet if you’re reading this and it fits your needs. But that’s exactly what networking is thought for. I’m looking for small website projects to take on over the next few months. No long-term, no fulltime. I’d love to work with you if you have a project that tries to do make the world a little better. Your project might be about improving social lives …
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    On Work-Work Balance

    The last WDRL edition is already two months old now, and while I do have content in place for another edition the reason why I don’t send out another one currently is that I don’t have the time to fix my partially upgraded WDRL project. In January when PHP8 came out I decided to upgrade the WDRL project from Kirby 2 to Kirby 3. I knew it won’t be straight forward since I used a lot of custom code …
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    Another try for no Whatsapp

    So Whatsapp is updating its terms and privacy policy again. Interestingly enough, so far you can’t read that announcement outside of the app, e.g. in their official blog . And as they already tried a year ago or earlier, they now will share the data of Whatsapp with their mothership company Facebook Inc. So here I go in a try to delete Whatsapp. So far I have done it once successfully until I …
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    What about no Facebook?

    In my note on the try to delete Whatsapp you may wonder why not delete Facebook or Instagram? Simple, it’s necessary for my business. So yes, I have a Facebook account in order to create a Facebook page. I have an Instagram account (three in reality) to post and do marketing for my businesses. I grow and sell vegetables via my CSA and share photos of the story via Instagram . Yes, you can view …
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    Don’t bend your own rules

    There’s a lot of discussion around Apple’s AppStore practices and rules right now. Not only is there a running European Union antitrust probe but also a discussion around the HEY Email app that was rejected recently due to the fact they didn’t integrate payment via Apple but only via their website. As per AppStore rules, this is forbidden. Apple states that apps need to fully work inside their …
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    Open Source can be a career path

    Here’s Max Stoiber telling the world how open source led his career and opened him all the job offers so far. What I didn’t knew as well is that it’s my and Dirk’s fault that Max is into coffee 😂. Watch the video , it’s pretty inspiring. Open source defined my early career as well and we all rely so much on open source that it’s worth spreading more insights about it, so thanks Honeypot for doing …
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    Two worlds

    These days something interesting happens: We can see what’s happening if the world faces a real crisis. A virus outbreak shuffles the world around—people can’t leave their homes anymore, people buy out stores, people live in fear, stock markets close as they fall apart within hours. History is being written right now: Trading in US shares has been suspended as sharp falls led to an automatic halt …
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    Keep your business not neutral

    You know who else has an audience? Every. Single. Business. Nothing (but greed) prevents companies from telling us where they stand on ethical issues that affect us all. Yet, the common attitude is to ‘keep the politics out of it’. I always found that odd. I mean corporations are perhaps the single biggest influencer of politics, and yet we treat them like a holy sanctuary of neutrality. — Kai …
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    Syncthing as Dropbox alternative

    I just read an article sharing alternatives to Dropbox and mentioning also Syncthing . Syncthing basically is an open source continuous file synchronization software. There’s one thing mentioned that I want to shortly elaborate on: … there is no server in between and this option is great for sharing and exchanging files, but not really suited for the heavy-weight job of storing stuff on a server. …
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    Using Open Source from Giants

    Today I read a thread on Twitter about using open source software from companies that we think do not have an ethically correct business model. […] Have you ever decided NOT to use an open source package for a library/framework/tool, etc. because you did not agree ethically with the practices of the parent company developing it? […] — Monica Lent Let’s think of Palantir, author and maintainer of …
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    <s>Side Hustle</s> → Hobby

    Today I read an article about “making more time for your side hustle”. The subhead is “A few simple changes can help you put in more quality time on a regular basis.” The two expressions “Side hustle” and “quality time” don’t do well together. Quality time can’t be spent hustling. If it’s fun, call and treat it a Hobby. Take time for it, don’t pressure yourself.
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    Went Sketching

    Today I remembered what I wanted to do since a couple of weeks: Spend some time on drawing and sketching. Here are the results:
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    First Crops

    Today after the heavy rain stopped, I went into the Garden and had my first crop of the year: Young spinach leafs and fresh radish, part of my dinner today—it’s delicious. And there’s way more to come now. I’m very grateful of being able to grow my own food.
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    Productivity and Promises

    How do Productivity and Promises correlate? In times of constant demands, too much work to do, blurry information about priorities and different senses of urgency you can hardly blame people for breaking with their promises anymore. They want us to reply to their email within their desired timeframe. Or they want us to be available on Slack when they need us. Or whatever.— Shawn Blanc If we’re …
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    Good things have an end

    I read that the conference will come to an end . I’ve only been there once but it was the best event I attended so far in my career, mainly due to its diversity in topics, subjects, speakers, talks, and the people I met there. It’s a shock, but I’ll remember the event forever.
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    Handover the best possible

    The ongoing Fridays For Future movement initiated by young climate activist Greta Thunberg shall serve as a wake-up call for all of us to collectively do our best to hand over our planet to the next generation in the best condition possible. — EWG LUT 100RE All Sectors Global Report 2019 That’s a quote I like and I can work with. What does it help to debate whether kids are right to not go to …
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    Calm and Reasonable

    On Thursday last week I realised that I’ve already worked about 40 hours this week and ahead of me a day with two very important meetings and a lot of things to do. I had a request to go on a backcountry ski tour on Friday with a friend which I thought I couldn’t do due to more work for this week. On the same day I talked about this situation with a good friend and he guided me to a solution I …
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    Do something different, <a href=";&gt;join this Friday for Future</a>

    Climate change is real, there’s no doubt. We might have flimsy excuses to keep our lives convenient and don’t need to change anything, but the environment is changing, and it’s due to us humans. Fridays for Future is a global movement, initiated and organised by young people out of school who are the ones who need to live in the world that is the result of the next ten years. And yet, most of …
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    The Dependency on Tech Giants is Giant

    In 2017 I noted down a few thoughts on “ Which Tech Giants Would You Drop? ” The answers are still pretty much the same as today. Anyways, today I read a story by Kashmir Hill in which she thried to eliminate Amazon from her life . She concludes that this was seen as the hardest choice to eliminate from the list and it’s impossible to achieve. Most of the Internet nowadays somehow depends on …
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    Evolvement through Meditation

    As a freelancer I find it incredibly hard to stay free of financial anxiety, not feeling stressed out, managing all the tasks around my own business while working for multiple clients and many projects in parallel. Lately, I’ve been reminded about the powerful concept of meditation. I did it in the past already but very irregularly and forget quickly again. Since eleven days I’m now meditating at …