Thanks for CSS-Tricks

Today I read that CSS-Tricks is now part of Digital Ocean. So far, this great website was managed and built up by Chris Coyier, a nice fellow who just started this blog as a private project years ago and spent probably thousands of hours into community building and education. It’s probably the most complete learning resource for web developers out there, built up originally by just one nice person who wanted to share learnings with other people.
By now, a lot of people are involved into the project and at this point I want to say thank you to all of them.

When I started working in web development, CSS-Tricks was one of the big learning resources. Later, I wrote two articles for Chris, I had the opportunity to meet some of the people behind it and it’s amazing that community can build such great resources. I hope but am confident that Digital Ocean is aware of the responsibility around the project and it’s nice to hear that Chris also stays as advisor for the time being.

Thanks to all involved, all the authors, for investing so much time into this resource. It should stay forever. All people reading here: This is a great example of what’s possible to achieve in and with a great community.

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