What about no Facebook?

In my note on the try to delete Whatsapp you may wonder why not delete Facebook or Instagram? Simple, it’s necessary for my business.

So yes, I have a Facebook account in order to create a Facebook page. I have an Instagram account (three in reality) to post and do marketing for my businesses. I grow and sell vegetables via my CSA and share photos of the story via Instagram. Yes, you can view them on our website as well but reality is: Nearly no one does but many follow the stories on Insta and many of them are or become our clients. It’s a well working sales and engagement machine. Facebook is the same for another audience (mid-age people) so we are serving our Insta feed via a Facebook page as well.

Ultimately I wish to not have to do this but marketing budget is limited, going the only-indie-way failed too often in my life already and this is a compromise I can live with. There is no private data shared with Facebook Inc. that isn’t living in the public internet already.

Whatsapp is different, it’s nearly all private info that shouldn’t be shared with anyone else except with the recipient.

Written on as Note