Dear Flattr, <strong>bye bye!</strong>

Flattr just announced they’re now part of eyeo, makers of AdBlock Plus. Time to say goodbye, and no it’s mainly due to a different reason.

When Flattr announced their revamped product yesterday via email, they also announced that they’re now part of eyeo (they seem to already be, without notifying anyone earlier). That’s a huge bummer as the makers of AdBlock Plus are a highly questionable company that makes a lot of money with whitelisting ads and there have been a couple of money-related scandals in the past with its founders.

I logged in to find out about the new things on and found €30 left on my account. I chose to withdraw them as usual (done that last time about a month ago), but then was requested to provide new details to be able to withdraw money. Not only do they now want my full address, they also want a full digital copy of my ID. I’m not sure why they’d need that now, as they never did so in the past and I’m not complying here.

I requested a money withdrawal via email now and requested to delete my account right afterwards. I’m thankful for what they did in the past, but it’s an unbearable situation now that I don’t want to be part of anymore. Bye bye!

screenshots of my email reply to Flattr requesting my money back and to close my account

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