The Dependency on Tech Giants is Giant

In 2017 I noted down a few thoughts on “Which Tech Giants Would You Drop?” The answers are still pretty much the same as today.

Anyways, today I read a story by Kashmir Hill in which she thried to eliminate Amazon from her life. She concludes that this was seen as the hardest choice to eliminate from the list and it’s impossible to achieve. Most of the Internet nowadays somehow depends on Amazon. Being a consumer online shop for everything, a hardware vendor and a hosting provider for big companies seems to be a good bet for them.

This story reminds me how grateful I am for Pi-Hole, an open source DNS blocker software that you can install on a $9 RaspberryPi Zero to block ads or any other things you want in your network.

According to my stats, 15.4% of all DNS requests in my shared 3-households network are blocked. That’s about one of six requests that are known to be tracking you or affecting your security or privacy.

Thank you, dear makers of this awesome piece of software without which my and my family’s and my friends’ Internet experience would be a different one—a less secure, less private one.

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